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Booking Appointments and other On-line services

Dunsville medical Practice now offers an On-line self service appointment booking system.

Using this service allows a registered patient to book a future appointment with a GP as well as see all previous appointments.
To make use of this service you will need access to the internet from either a PC, ipad or android device.

You will also require a username and password. These are issued by the practice who will set you up to use the on-line services. Please enquire at receiption.

The services are entirely on line and require no additional support from the practice.

Once you have recieved your username and password from the practice please click on this link:

There are some house rules using the system, these are listed below:-

Usage Policy

  • Please use this service responsibly.
  • In the case of any abuse of the service, your health care practitioner can revoke your log-in details, stopping you accessing the service.
  • Examples of irresponsible use of the system include but are not limited to :
    • Registering at a GP practice when you have no intention of using it as your usual GP practice.
    • Registering at a GP practice outside your catchment area.
    • Booking a appointments you have no intention of attending.
    • Repeatedly booking and then cancelling appointments.
    • Repeatedly requesting prescriptions that you do not need.


The On-line services offered by the Practice will develop as take up increases.

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